We're Looking to Grow!

LED lighting conversions are bringing huge amounts of energy savings to the table and good value to our clients; this is being recognized more and more and therefore we are continuing to expand out client outreach. We want to take this opportunity to invest in new team members in support of our clients.

Please contact Mario Millonzi at for more information.

Job Duties include but not limited to:

  • Natural Business Development
  • Perform Lighting Audits
  • Generate LED Conversion Turnkey project
  • Material selection & design
  • Efficient labor estimating
  • Project Management & Closeout

More About Us

Our LED lighting solutions are progressive in nature, beginning with simple lamp-for-lamp replacements, ballast and fixture retro-fits, to comprehensive LED solutions with complex control strategies including daylighting, occupancy sensors, dimmers, etc. This process allows our clients to see how each increment changes the overall payback.

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