About Upper 90 Energy

Upper 90 Energy is an independent, Wisconsin-owned company, focused on bringing flexible, high-quality, low-cost LED lighting retro-fit solutions to the marketplace.

Our concentration is on finding the right outcome for our clients. A viable starting place is the sweet-spot between upgrading outdated lighting infrastructure (lamps/ballasts/fixtures), and achieving maximum energy savings through more efficient technologies (controls/daylighting/etc.), all while meeting the functional needs of the occupants in the spaces.

We are located in Madison, Wisconsin and serve the surrounding states (MN, IL, IA, MI) through relationships with installing contractors. Wisconsin Electrical Contractor License No. 1460142.

The team at Upper 90 Energy is made up of professionals who are well versed in the many varieties of existing lighting systems and the latest in lighting technology. Our value is to bring these forward combined with several strategic funding options for all types of business owners that require little to no up-front capital.

Read about how UPPER 90 worked with Metcalfe’s Market and MGE to Save Money.

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