Just like most education entities, there’s never enough dollars to go around. Most are lean on the custodial, maintenance, and the facility side of the business. Budgets are ever-changing from their multiple funding sources, be it the state, tuition, etc. One element within their control is their energy consumption and associated cost. Most universities are already conscious of how the variations in this large expenditure can impact them both positively and negatively.

For example, if there is a warm winter, they may have more dollars to work with at the end. The contrary is a cold winter where there is a budget shortfall. The electrical consumption within the campus facilities can be a good avenue to reduce operating costs that ultimately go to the bottom line of their business.

Our goal is to provide an attractive payback to more quickly allocate dollars from the utility provider to the budget. Improving the quality of light and reduce maintenance/ operations for the lighting system as a whole is an added benefit.

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